Pull up a chair, I'll put on a pot of coffee...

Can you smell the aroma? :)

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What am I working on...?

  • Web Businesses
  • I own and operate a dozen websites. Is that crazy? I think so. They are designed to be authoritative, valuable resources in very specific niches: marketing, technology, lifestyle & food, erotica, daytrading, debate, entrepeneurship, starting a business... and a few more. (If you have questions about any of these, or want to know more, leave me a note on my GuestBook!).

  • YouTube
  • I'm just starting out with YouTube. Any tips and tricks you can lend me?

  • Travel
  • Not really a "project", but the plan is to go to Hungary in 2017. Have you been?

  • Photography
  • More of a hobby than anything. I'll post my best here.

    One of my favorite pictures of the Roman Colosseum!